Bruma Event chair


The Bruma chair is a replica of the traditional Gold Banqueting chairs that we have seen over the years in event marquees where they wanted gilt chairs with upholstered seats. Being a version of this event chair, it has a proven track record of being strong. Also it is a compact and neat chair and takes up very little space when space is king and covers are money. We also have a Gold Gilt version of this chair linked below. This chair has been produced from Beech Hardwood, and then we have stained it a Dark walnut wood colour. The seat can be upholstered in a vast array of fabrics which can be specified along with Genuine leather. Another great feature of the chair is that it can be stacked. We would suggest 5 chairs in a stack. To top it all we have a fantastic lightweight chair trolley available to handle these chairs, and they work really well and make light work of moving the chairs around the establishment. The trolley can be hung up after use so as not to be in the way.


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