There is a strong community spirit at Warings that extends beyond the workplace.

Warings Furniture is located in a country setting with a lot of our staff living within the local community. For this reason we have always taken an interest in our surroundings and have supported the local community in a number of ways:

  1. Warings Furniture and 864 (Watton) Squadron Air Training Corps formed an association in 2006 at our behest with the intention of benefitting both organisations. So far we have worked together on a couple of citizenship projects with the cadets offsetting their carbon footprint by gaining permission to plant 5 acres of native broadleaf trees. We also realised the importance of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in a young person's development, and have also made our land available for expedition and fieldcraft training. Prior to our offer of our land it had been a challenge for them to find suitable private property for this purpose. In addition to this, we have been pleased to offer job opportunities to cadets and staff and currently have 2 staff members in our employment.
  2. Warings Furniture are official sponsors of the Norfolk Hospitality Industry Awards which recognise not only the best restaurants and hotels within our region, but also individuals from management down to "unsung heros" like cleaners and potwashers.
  3. Warings Furniture have traditionally made an annual charitable donation during December with local charities being the beneficiaries. We request nominations from all our staff for local charities that they would like to be considered a worthy cause for a donation by the company. These suggestions are then shortlisted and a voting form along with information about each charity goes out to all our staff for them to select from. It gives us great pleasure to assist charities in this way, and we hope that our staff feel part of this.