ThinkSmart Business Leasing

Affordable refurbishments could be just a click of a mouse away for independent hospitality businesses thanks to a new online leasing scheme.

Leading contract furniture company Warings Furniture has teamed up with ThinkSmart Business Leasing to launch the new service for bars, restaurants and hotels looking for a cost-effective way to give venues a revamp.

“We’ve made leasing simple. Leasing to the hospitality industry is not a new concept, but has always been difficult, especially for new start-ups that have been trading for under three years, as many leasing companies have strict criteria and lots of checks.”

“Our new service is a great opportunity for, say, an independent restaurateur who wants to refurbish up to £15,000 over a three year period. They can apply to ThinkSmart for credit approval through the Warings website and get a voucher to use on furniture of their choice without difficulty.

“There aren’t huge amounts of forms to fill in, you can apply from the office or at home and you will get an instant decision. If we have the stock you require the furniture will be delivered quickly.”

Graham explained how the leasing service has been designed with small independent businesses in mind as furniture can be leased with no fees or large upfront payments and the costs can be spread over a number of months.

“Leasing gives businesses the freedom to trade with their working capital instead of locking it away in their furniture which has very little asset value”, he said.

Refurbishment is a significant factor to consider, especially in the current economic conditions. If a venue has experienced a downturn in trading, they can quickly increase their turnover by going for a fresh new look, and furniture is an important part of this.

“Everyone in this industry is very busy and this the perfect opportunity to make the most of that brilliant refurbishment idea you thought could never be a reality. It makes good business sense.”

To find out more about the leasing service go click on Lease Options. You can also listen to Graham talking about the service at