Warings Furniture recommends Relay Spray

Relay Spray - Restaurant Table Top Cleaner

A new recommendation by Warings Furniture to save the future of service table tops.


 photo 2186RelaySprayFlyerA572_zps9300ee91.jpg


A new surface cleaning spray for the Hospitality Industry is to make the relaying of tables quick and efficient. 

Operators in the hospitality industry can expect clean table tops while ensuring that their furniture is unharmed by harsh chemicals.

Specially formulated to be gentle on the lacquer used on contract wooden table tops, Relay Spray does not cause tables to become tacky to the touch when sanitised like other disinfectants on the market, ensuring your hospitality furniture remains in tip-top condition.

For more information please email sales@relayspray.com or order online at www.relayspray.com