How Instagram Has Changed The Restaurant Design Industry

Why is Instagram important to a restaurant?

In recent studies, 80% of customers admit to photographing their food and venue to post to social media. That 80% of the people who walk through your doors! With 40 million photos being uploaded to Instagram every day and 55% of them being millennials…There is no escaping the Gram!

How can Instagram help your restaurant?

Well if you think about it. It’s free adverting! These people are uploading photos of your venue and food and promoting it to their followers. It’s the old fashioned word of mouth approach and it works! Its been proven that your target demographic are more likely to want to come visit if they have seen a blogger/ Instagram icon posting that they have been there because they inevitably want the same experience.



Designers are catching onto the trend.

 Interior designers in the hospitality sector are noticing the change in the game. They are no longer just tailoring a restaurant to a certain atmosphere. They are tailoring it to photograph well too.


For example, if you look at The Ivy Chelsea Gardens Instagram; they have over 52K followers and hundreds upon hundreds of people tagging their page in photos. Its not just become a popular restaurant, its become a London landmark. People actively go there just to get a photo. People get pulled by the gram without even realising. Its subtle advertising. People don’t even realise they are being influenced by it. (Even i can say i have been sucked into the gram and got a photograph on one of the Ivy’s flower covered outdoor benches and posted it to social media).


Is your restaurant aesthetically pleasing? does all your furniture reflect the vibe you want to portray. It can be as simple as putting some eye catching furniture and decor to your restaurant that will photograph well. Its worth the investment. What i’m saying is… Is your restaurant Instagram ready?

See below for all the products featured in this article.

Eden Metal Frame Table – W4078T

Parisian External Chair – W9978C

Tulia External Chair – W4177AC

Anji External Chair – W4048AC

Pasha External Chair – W4492AC

Hana Armchair – W4287AC