Leather is strong by nature with a wide range of sorts and varying types.


Since leather is powerless against recolouring, completed leather is normally covered with both a shading colour and an unmistakable defensive layer. These give noteworthy additional assurance and to this reason completed leather is generally used for contract furniture. Leather upholstery is probably going to have regular scars and after some time is powerless to extending and ensuing sacking.

Note: Unfinished leather (ie. aniline leather, softened cowhide and nubuck) is prepared through a procedure that jam and hues the leather, however does not ensure its surface. It is helpless against checking and recolouring and it isn't suggested for contract use.

Leather cleaning

Evacuate spills promptly with a delicate sodden material, taking awesome care not to wear the surface – don't rub hard.

For stains, stains an expert leather furniture cleaner, for example, Furniture Clinic – Leather Ultra Clean or LTT – Em Clean, after the item's guidelines. In the wake of cleaning, gently dry any overabundance fluid with a delicate fabric, evading power that may harm the surface.

We suggest customary light cleaning of completed leather utilizing leather indicated wipes, for example, Armor All – Leather Surface Wipes. Then again you may use a gently damp fabric to expel any earth, clean or oil.


Leather dries out, so requires customary consideration. Apply a leather conditioner, for example, Furniture Clinic – Leather Conditioner Cream at regular intervals or once the leather feels dry – hot situations can dry leather especially rapidly.

Faux leather

False leather is a synthetic contrasting option to leather and is normally made of PVC (vinyl), polyurethane, or polyester. It is considerably more impervious to recolouring and requires substantially less care than genuine leather. In any case, it can in any case scratch and can likewise dissolve.

Genuine leather is more sturdy than PU/PVC, as it can relax. Rather artificial leather will begin splitting once again the years. There is by and large 8-10 years life span for genuine leather.


Use warm water and cleanser.