Contract Furniture

What is Contract Furniture? Furniture designed and manufactured for Commercial installation, as in Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Bar, Cruise Liners and Ferry’s, Offices, Waiting Rooms, Lobbies. Etc.

The Contract Furniture and Furnishings market in the United Kingdom is estimated to total around EUR 2.3 billion, at retail prices. Hotels and Hospitality (including Bars, Restaurants and other leisure) alone account for almost 50% of total contract demand.

The Contract segment is expected to have significant prospects for future growth. It is a transversal business in the world of Furniture, because it involves all types of products, from Upholstered Furniture to bedrooms, from seating to lamps, and from office to bathroom, kitchen and Outdoor Furniture. In the UK there are approximately 500 companies, mainly dealing with Furniture and lighting, that operate in this market segment.

About 90,000 people among Architects and Designers are main vehicles for the UK Contract sector’s business. A relevant number of contractors, wholesalers and retailers are also active in this segment.

Key areas are Hotels and Hospitality - including Restaurants, Bars and the Leisure property market.